Two bizarre Toronto videos just went viral (WATCH)

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toronto viral video

This week in “what the heck is happening in Toronto,” we’ve got reckless behaviour and an overly adventurous deer. Just another week, right?

Let’s break this down: a video surfaced on Saturday showing a woman tossing a chair from her high-rise balcony.

The blonde-haired, leather-clad lass absolutely launches a chair over her condo railing. As your anxiety rises, the chair plummets down towards Gardiner Expressway.

In case your blood pressure wasn’t high enough already, the video cuts off right as the chair appears to be in line to collide with a moving car below.

The Snapchat was captioned “Good morning.” It’s unclear if the chair hit the car or if anyone was injured, but we’d like to never start our mornings this way ever.

When people say “full send or no send” they do NOT mean it like that. Thankfully, Toronto police are investigating this act of absolute stupidity.

Oh, there’s more! In other viral video news, a trio of deer ransacked Oshawa this weekend. No, you’re not on drugs. This stuff is actually happening.

woman throws chair from balcony deer

The three musketeers broke through the window of Atria. Could’ve just used the front door but okay.

Another damaged the office of local politician Jennifer French. Have fun with that insurance claim.

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One deer was treated for a minor cut, and all three were tranquilized and released away from the city.

Happy freaking Monday, everyone!

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