Our cities are ever-evolving and full of exciting, untapped potential. We exist to help people navigate it all.



Yasmin Aboelsaud – Executive Editor | [email protected]
Lilly Paltsev – Regional Editor, Toronto | [email protected]
Cassandra Stefanic – Regional Editor, Prairies | [email protected]
Tennyson Graham – Staff Writer, US | [email protected]
Isabelle Vauclair – Staff Writer, Vancouver | [email protected]
Karen Doradea – Senior Staff Writer, Toronto | [email protected]



Blair Bullied – Sales Manager | [email protected]
Chloe Claus – Account Executive, West | [email protected]
Rosie Jones – Account Executive, East | [email protected]
Katrina Fortner – Account Executive, East | [email protected]



Gabriela Garcia – Senior Campaign Manager, East | [email protected]
Bri Hewstan – Senior Campaign Manager, West | [email protected]
Morgan Corbett – Campaign Manager, West | [email protected]
Brittney Hruska – Campaign Manager, West | [email protected]
Kiran Kaur – Branded Content Writer, East | [email protected]
Alicia Lyons – Branded Campaign Writer, West | [email protected]


Kieran O’Neil – Manager of Content Strategy | [email protected]
Kennedy Bauer – Marketing Coordinator | [email protected]



Jordan Jones – Photographer, Vancouver | [email protected]
Lily Roberti – TikTok Host | [email protected]
Owais Rafique – Photographer, Toronto | [email protected]
Jesse Elliott – Photographer, Prairies | [email protected]
Taylor Crain – Graphic Design | [email protected]
Amrin Prasad – Photographer, Vancouver | [email protected]


Executive & Operations

Mark Montanini – CEO & Founder | [email protected]
Lisa Briscoe – COO & Partner | [email protected]
Lori Montanini – Controller | [email protected]


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