In your single era and tired of swiping right, only to end up in a ‘situationship’?
Do you wish you could talk to your siblings without arguing?
What about that falling out you had with your friend last week?

It must be exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero.

Okay, okay. We’re not saying YOU’RE the problem – but what if there was a way you could figure out what was

That’s where relational therapy comes in – and the best part is, you don’t even have to leave your house!

Blue Rabbit Psychotherapy is a Toronto-based clinic that offers convenient online therapy that helps you build healthier connections.

Relational therapy is, as you might guess, a type of therapy that focuses on your relationship with yourself.

According to The Toronto Institute for Relational Therapy, this therapeutic approach is based on the idea that mutually satisfying relationships with others are necessary for one’s emotional well-being. 

The goal of relational therapy is to develop new thinking patterns, build a strong relationship with your therapist, and use these as a model to create healthier, longer-lasting relationships with the people around you and yourself.

So whether you’re looking to improve how you communicate with your family, or you need some help breaking out of toxic romantic patterns or lean into being single – relational therapy might help!

It’s also very important to note that not all therapy providers are created equal. Seeking services through a licensed and accredited professional is the only way to ensure you’re getting qualified help that will also be covered by your insurance. 

Yeah, those random wellness coaches on Tiktok end up costing you more – for a ‘quick fix’ of advice, which can feel good but may not provide lasting change.

All Blue Rabbit psychotherapists are professionally licensed, take part in ongoing training, and receive therapy themselves. Services are also covered by most insurance plans!

Blue Rabbit Psychotherapy provides online therapy with a client-focused approach. You are at the center of your experience, from which therapist you choose to work with to how often you see them.

Book a free consultation online to see how you like it. You don’t even have to change out of your PJs!