The ultimate guide to online shopping for masks in Canada

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Shopping online for masks can be complicated. What if you buy one and later find out it doesn’t even work? Where can you find the best deal to keep folks safe without breaking the bank? Should you buy a reusable mask or a disposable one? Ahhh! It’s all so complicated! Well, lucky for you we’re here to break it down.

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online masksWHAT TO LOOK FOR

Okay, let’s start by talking about what makes a good mask. There are some pretty simple requirements for ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.

First, make sure there are two layers of tightly-woven material. Think cotton or linen. Stuff that’s breathable. And avoid nylon or synthetic fabrics that might make you sweat.

Second, the mask should fit snugly against your face and cover both your nose and mouth. Okay, so this one is kinda hard to figure out if you’re shopping online. For a little extra help, experts say that if the mask is rectangular, it’s more likely to fit properly on different face shapes. Plus, a good indication is if there are multiple sizes available. Then you’re able to pick and choose one that fits best.

Third, ear loops are better than strings. This will help the mask stay secure for a longer amount of time.

Finally, some masks have space for an added filter. According to experts, there’s no actual evidence that filters make the masks more effective. So if you prefer to use them, go for it! But filters do not have to be a priority.


Alright, now let’s talk about where to find the perfect masks! There are loads of options online, but these ones are our favourites.

Gap Canada has masks available in adult sizes or kids!

Frank and Oak use sustainable production to create their masks!

The Quartermoon Crew is an online store that has masks in all colours and designs!

Oke Apparel is an awesome option that donates a portion of their proceeds to go to COVID-19 relief!

Moji Mask is an online shop that has sleek and classic designs available!

Old Navy is running through the same store as The Gap so it has quite the collection available for the whole family.

So if you’ve been overwhelmed while shopping online for masks, we hope this narrows it down. Let us know if there are any other great stores that we missed!