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Rental of the Week: A luxurious industrial loft with exposed concrete flair

Via Sotheby's Realty Canada

It’s Wednesday, which means we’re starting the day by trolling real estate websites to find you the newest and coolest of the Toronto rental world! Oh boy, do we have something special for you today. Get ready for an exposed concrete loft oozing with style.

Wait… Oozing kinda makes it sound like something’s leaking. Hmm.




This 2 bedroom/2 bathroom loft is right in the heart of King West Village, at 23 Brant Street in the Quad Lofts. Right next door to the Hamstring Lofts! Haha!

Jokes aside, this building is really neat. The loft mixes bright white walls with dark wood cabinetry and floors for lots of punchy contrast. It’s got an exposed concrete ceiling, which’ll rev any loft enthusiast’s engine.

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At 1200 square feet, this southwest corner suite has tons of light-bathed space. 10 foot ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows don’t hurt the exposure either!

Love that giant grey sofa? Dying over the dining chairs? Wondering where in the world they found that perfect natural wood console table? Sweet child, this place comes furnished. It’s yours for the taking! Well, for the renting… We don’t recommend taking it.

toronto rental of the week


We’re still not really huge fans of 2 bedroom lofts because we’re just really big fans of proper doors. This might be a good setup for someone who wants a guest room but rarely uses it, or someone who just wants to flex having extra space. We don’t know if having Johnny Jr. within earshot of your alone time is really the move, but it’s up to you!

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This space is really an impressive blend of industrial, luxurious, and modern design. We’ve never seen a chandelier like that complement a graffiti mural accent wall, but it’s happening here! The patio, a storage locker, and included parking are just the cherries on top.

Cherries that’ll cost ya- the rent here will run you to the tune of $4195 a month.

Take it all in right here.

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