Last call! Toronto’s cherry blossom season may be in full swing but it won’t last much longer! Cherry blossoms typically stick around for a week and a half tops, so if you haven’t gone out to see them in Toronto yet, this could be your last chance. Here’s where you can find them.

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According to High Park Nature Centre, full bloom started around April 22nd with the cherry blossoms remaining in this stage for only 4-10 days, possibly longer if the weather stays “cool and calm.”

While High Park is certainly a hub when it comes to viewing cherry blossoms, there are a few other options to see them around the city.

Trinity Bellwoods Park, specifically the Queen Street entrance, is another great place to see cherry blossoms in full bloom before Sakura season comes to a close.

Cherry blossom trees can also be found at Exhibition Place. The trees are spread all around the grounds and you can map out where they are using Exhibition Place’s cherry blossom map.

If you can’t make it to one of these locations, the City of Toronto provides a list of all the places you can see cherry blossoms in Toronto with locations and how many trees are there!

Don’t wait – cherry blossoms won’t be around much longer in Toronto and you definitely won’t want to miss out.