Parking Enforcement is back to normal this Thursday in Toronto


parking enforcement

So you may have noticed that parking tickets in Toronto during COVID-19 have been few and far between. Apparently, that’s because the Toronto Police have been more focused on the city’s response to the virus than traffic violations. Well, it looks like all that’s about to change. Cause the department has just announced they’ll be resuming regular service on July 2nd.

So what’s included in regular service? Well, it’s two main things. The first is the enforcement of change-over parking in areas where the parking regulations switch up at certain times. And the second is enforcing paid on-street parking.

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Yup. That’s it. And in terms of how they enforce those rules, typically members of the public should either be asked to move their vehicle to appropriate areas, pay for on-street parking, or be issued a pesky parking ticket.

The Parking Enforcement unit is allowed to “exercise discretion in other on-street areas.” But their purpose is “to ensure the safe flow of traffic.” So if you encounter a situation where the Toronto Police are not following those guidelines, information on accountability can be found here.

So make sure you’re following those parking rules! Starting the summer with a parking ticket is so not the vibe. Stay safe, folks!

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