One of Toronto’s universities was just named the best in Canada

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So, which one is it? Haha, silly question. Of course it’s the University of Toronto. Sorry, @york @ryerson. Our namesake place of higher education was just ranked as the best university in Canada, and one of the top 20 best universities in the world! 😎. Actually,🤓.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020 was just released, which means almost 1,400 universities got put to the test. Think they studied? Schools were graded on 13 different metrics across teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international outlook. Max scores in each category were 100.


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Canada’s crowning jewel was the University of Toronto, which came in at #18 worldwide. Then, the University of British Columbia was the next highest Canadian competitor, at #34. After that, McGill claimed #42, and everyone else in Canada slowly fell into ranking obscurity.

Kidding, we had representation in pretty much every level of ranking down to the University of Lethbridge at a solid 1001+. Anything smaller than that pretty much didn’t get ranked.

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Finally, top of the top? Oxford, California Institute of Technology, Cambridge, and Stanford. Some expected schools, including Princeton, Yale, and Harvard, rounded out the rest of the top 1o.

Nicely done, U of T. You’re the best university in Canada and you’re making our small liberal arts education look kinda inferior in comparison. Oh whale. Check out the full rankings here!

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