Get the workout of your dreams at this puppy yoga class coming soon

Via Columbia Missourian

Our ultimate life goal is to be covered in puppies, always, at all times. This Toronto puppy yoga class is getting us one big step (or one big forward lunge) closer! Get bendy and get up close and personal with pups who need to hang out with people before their forever homes. With this on our calendar, life is looking up…ward dog.

This puppy yoga class brings in healthy, teeny pups who need to get lots of human lovin’ before they’re off to their new homes. They need to be cuddled, petted, and talked to. Tough job, but someone’s gotta do it! This is where you come in.

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Grab your mat, pick your spot, and be ready to focus on nothing the instructor says whatsoever. Wait, we’re supposed to be doing yoga? Is bellyrub a pose?

Unfortunately, the pups at class can’t be sold, but maybe you’ll be inspired to pick up your own fluffball. Or maybe you’ll realize yoga is pretty awesome. Something about puppies just makes anything awesome. We’d bend over backwards for them. Heh.


When: Date TBA
Cost: Presale $39.99

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