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You’ve gotta try Cactus Club’s new Botanical cocktails

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Awe yeah, finally we can drink Cactus Club’s new cocktail without worrying whether or not it will go straight to our thighs. Trust us, those things have been thundering the past few months as we work up the courage to get back to the gym.

So, you can catch us trying out Cactus Club’s newest cocktails this weekend! If you wanna join, go ahead and order something off their Ketel One Botanicals lineup. All the sips are still tasty, but sugar-free! Although, we have to say that we would classify this as a highball, since it’s just flavoured vodka and soda.

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But we’re a bunch of snobs at Curiocity, and we’re still excited to try it out. With flavours like grapefruit and rose, cucumber and mint, and peach and orange blossom to try, how could we not be?

We’re ready for Cactus Club to get even weirder, too. Why not introduce a cocktail with drinking vinegar in it, aka shrubs? Those things are all the rage in health circles, and they’re overdue for a comeback.

Anyway, the new Ketel One Botanicals will give us good reason to stop binging on our favourite Cactus Club drink- the frosé. That thing is dangerous. Snoop knows it, we know it. Everyone knows it.

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