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This brunch spot combines hilarious hangover jokes and tasty food

Via Curiocity Toronto

No Sunday Scaries here. The Morning After now has a way happier meaning, with a delicious brunch getting Toronto buzzing. Slam a Pedialyte, get some sunglasses on, and let’s go.

There are two types of people who go to brunch: those who go for a cute photo op, and those who are trying to fix the fact that they’re painfully hungover. We’re definitely not in the first group. The Morning after gets this, and they’ve catered to the extreme with delicious, appropriately named dishes.

the morning after

Take the Still Fried, a mouthwatering plate of chicken and waffles. Woke Up To Benny is hopefully way better than the Benny you woke up to in college. It comes on a croissant, so it’s off to a great start.

Never Again quells your regrets with layered potato cake and bruschetta. I’m Toast piles avocado and whipped goat cheese on crusty bread, and The Cure fixes everything with cornflake battered French toast.

the morning after

the morning after

Seeing Double? It might be your hangover, or it might be two eggs and home fries. Or, get The Threeway of your dreams with three eggs, pancakes, and home fries.

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the morning after

Delicious brunch, hilarious names, likeminded people as much on the morning struggle bus as you? Sounds like our next brunch destination.

Dare you go for The Night Before, they’ve got a whole dinner menu for that. Good luck, pal.

the morning after

Wake and Steak, it’s a new day kiddos! Get after the Morning After at the Morning After. You’ll be feeling more chipper by the time you get to the pancakes, we promise.


Where: 88 Fort York Blvd

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