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This plant-based spot will send healthy meal kits right to your home

Via Curiocity TorontoVia Curiocity Toronto

Sorry not sorry, but we’ve got plans this week. What are we doing? Hitting up this crazy cool vegan grab & go spot, of course! Located in the East End, this plant-based joint has all the vegan treats you could dream of.

Sorry I’ve Got Plants is a takeout spot, a general store, and a meal kit delivery spot. Yeah, they do it all. Plus, their products are all low-waste. We like to fancy ourselves saving the world, what can we say? Plant-based and low waste. It has a nice ring to it!

sorry I've got plants

sorry I've got plants

The aesthetic in here is giving us serious Pinterest board vibes. It’s bright and airy, with white walls covered in cool decals, a wooden floor, and of course, tons of plants. Plus, there’s a super cute couch if you want to sit in for your quick bit. Or if you want to snap an Insta. It happens a lot here.

The to-go style setup is perfect if you’ve only got a few spare moments. While you’re there, grab some of their cute merch they’ve got displayed on the walls.

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sorry I've got plants

sorry I've got plants

They’ve got sandwiches, they’ve got coffee, they’ve got bowls. What more could you ask for? We recommend trying the peanut noodles. They’ll drive you nuts, they’re so delicious. Aw yeah, starting Monday with nut puns.

All the food is plant-based, so it’s safe for all you vegans out there. Plus, every item is either made in-house or sourced from local producers. We love supporting local vendors!

sorry I've got plants

If you can’t get enough of their yummy menu, you can sign up for their meal delivery kit! They’ll send you all the ingredients you need to make these delicious meals at home. And, to reduce waste, you can toss all your used (but washed) containers back into the delivery bag and they’ll take them to be reused.

So, you making any plants to come around?


Where: 476 Roncesvalles Ave

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