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Michelin Star Konjiki Ramen is opening downtown

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Would a Michelin star ramen restaurant brighten your day? Trust us, it will. Konjiki Rame, a Japanese ramen legend, is opening a downtown outpost!  We don’t math so good but we know this is going to exponentially increase the number of noodles we eat in a week.

Fun fact: Konjiki is one of only three ramen restaurants in the world that have Michelin star status. That means these high-quality noodles are going to be unmissable!

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konjiki ramen

In fact, Konjiki was named the best ramen in both Japan and Tokyo separately. We imagine the competition is pretty stiff over there, so it’s the real deal.

The first Toronto outpost opened in North York circa 2017. They specialize in flavourful broths, clam being one of the notoriously best. Yeah, clam might sound weird but if it’s award-winning we’ll give it a shot. Now, they’re headed downtown, noodles, and broth in hand.

The owners recognize that there’s lots of great ramen in the city, but they wanted to bring more of the best to town. Subtle flex.


When: TBA
Where: 41 Elm St

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