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McDonald’s Canada is switching back to 100% Canadian beef


McDonald's Canada beef

McDonald’s Canada has long been boasting about their 100% Canadian beef. So when COVID-19 began and the world was hit with something none of us were prepared for, not even the massive chain was safe. We don’t need to detail all the tragedy that the pandemic has caused, we’re sure you already know about that. But an interesting effect that it had was on McDonald’s Canada’s beef supply.

Yes, the chain that boasted 100% Canadian beef could no longer hold that claim. Because as farms across the country were hit hard by the virus, they were no longer able to provide the True North supply. The day that McDonald’s Canada announced they’d be importing beef from the United States was the day that we truly knew things would never be the same. From then on, the fast-food joint was serving up, *gag*, only about 80% Canadian beef. The rest was imported. A world without 100% Canadian beef? Appalling. Disgusting. A disgrace.

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Alright, we’ll stop being dramatic about beef now. Because it looks like after all that, the chain is finally switching back to all Canadian! Yup, say goodbye to 80% and hello to the full 100. New reports are saying the McDonald’s Canada will be back to their usual beef source as early as this September. While this is great for the customers who were missing that all Canadian vibe, it’s also great because it means that Canadian farmers are in strong enough shape to provide it.

So stop by your nearest Mickey Dee’s sometime soon to get your hands on that authentic Canadian flavour. You probably won’t be able to taste the difference. But it’s the principle of it, right?