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If you like Indian food, you’ve gotta try this hidden Parliament St gem

Via Curiocity Toronto Via Curiocity Toronto

One of our favourite parts of this amazing city is the restaurants. On every block, there seems to be a new spot from a different corner of the world. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but dang Toronto, well done. Today, we’re eating at Haldi.

Inspired by the owners’ childhood journeys from Mumbai to Toronto, Haldi brings us authentic and traditional Indian flavours. Plus, it’s right in the heart of Cabbagetown!

haldi toronto

haldi toronto

Apparently, Haldi is a natural spice that is typically dried and ground into a fine powders. In Ancient India it was used for medical purposes. The more you know.

The vibe in here is warm and welcoming. The place is yellow, for goodness sake! It feels kind of like being greeted by a warm hug when you walk in. Except in restaurant form. If restaurants could hug.

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haldi toronto

haldi toronto

And wow, the smell. We’re hungry from the second we walk in.

Of course, we’ve gotta talk about the food. Their menu is chock full of tons of shareable items, bursting with authentic Indian flavours. If you don’t feel like sharing (and hey, when the food’s this good, we don’t blame you!) try one of their many mains. They have tons of meat or vegetarian options.

haldi toronto

While you’re there, you’ll also have to try one of the delicious traditional desserts. We recommend the Haldi Kulfi. It’s a homemade saffron ice cream topped with chia seeds and rose syrup. A step out of the box in the right direction.

This place is a serious must-try in Toronto. Head on over and let us know what you think!


Where: 568 Parliament St

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