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A new burger spot from Matty Matheson just opened in Toronto!

Photo via mattyspattysburgerclub Instagram

matty's patty's

If you love burgers we’ve got great news. A brand new spot just opened in Toronto and it’s entirely focused on, you guessed it, burgers! The delicious joint is called Matty’s Patty’s and it’s quickly becoming the talk of the town.

Matty’s Patty’s was created by Chef Matty Matheson. And from what we’ve seen him make, the guy could put literally whatever he wants on a plate and we’d eat it. Thank goodness it’s good old-fashioned hamburgers, hey?

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The website went live on Friday afternoon, and unfortunately has already sold out. Makes sense, since Matty himself is handing out the burgers. That’s ok, since we’re sure that this burger joint is going to be in the city for some time. Patience is key here, folks!

Well, this spot hasn’t been open one day and it’s already a hit. Here’s hoping this is the tip of a delicious new iceberg in Toronto!


Where: 923 Queen St W