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Discover a new favourite artist at Toronto’s Indie Week Music Festival

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Getting a little tired of the same old Spotify playlist? Hit up the Indie Week Music Festival, and you won’t be having that problem anymore.

Indie Week is twofold: a music festival of emerging artists, and an industry conference. We’re going to focus on the festival part, because that’s way more fun. Basically, it’s meant to get the best upcoming indie artists in front of crowd and industry professionals.

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indie week music festival

That’s where you come in: you’re the crowd. Go see some shows, it’s the least you can do! While you might not be super familiar with some of the artists, you could find a new favourite before anyone else. If you are familiar, congrats. You’re a hipster.

Over five days and nights of music, over 10,000 fans will be entertained. Additionally, you can get groovy at the Opening Night Party or dress up for the Indie Week Awards show! If you’re an industry nerd, there will plenty of talks, conferences, and sessions for you.

Shows include pretty much any genre you could think of. Step outside of the box and find your new favourite tunes!


When: Wednesday, November 13- Sunday, November 17
Where: Various venues
Cost: Find tickets here

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