A local artist just created a hilarious mock NFL team – the Toronto Raccoons

A local artist just thought up hilarious NFL Toronto team branding

Picture this: You’re in the stands of an NFL game and Toronto is finally represented in the league, with its own team. The crowd goes wild as we score a game-winning touchdown. The fans are screaming. The fans are chanting. But what’s the name of the team they’re cheering for? One artist imagines it would be the Toronto Raccoons.

Local designer Luc Samanski took to Instagram this week to show off some NFL Toronto branding he thought up in his spare time. The post includes logos, jersey designs, and even a little blurb about why he chose the Raccoons to represent us.

“The noble trash panda is the spirit of Toronto,” the post reads. “No matter what anyone has engineered to keep that raccoon out, they always find a way in.”

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Of course, Toronto doesn’t actually have a team in the NFL. But it’s certainly fun to imagine what it’d be like if they did. Given how rampant the raccoon population is in the city, it’s only fitting the animal represents us in our fictional NFL debut.

The designs received mixed reviews on Twitter. Some folks embraced the trash panda concept whole-heartedly, others took it as a hilarious joke, and, of course, there were some naysayers in the replies.

To read the comments and leave your own review, you can check out the original designs on Luc Samanski’s Instagram page right here.