Bare it all this weekend for the annual No Pants Subway Ride!

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If aliens landed on our planet and started observing our rituals, the No Pants Subway Ride would probably have them scratching their egg-shaped heads with their long, slender fingers.

Don’t ask why, ask why not. This weird tradition started in New York in 2002, when an improv group figured the best thing they could do on a Saturday was ride the subway without any pantaloons. In January, too. No word on their mental sanity.

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nop ants

The tradition took off and now happens in 50+ cities across the world. The whole schtick is that you show up to ride the subway, dressed except for your pants, and you pretend that it’s just a normal day. So no mentioning your lack of pants, no notice of other’s pantlessness, just business as usual.

So sorry to any and all tourists riding the subway that day. If you want to participate, the No Pants Society of Toronto (yes, there is such a thing) will be hosting. Good luck to your and your sensitive bits!


When: Sunday, January 12
Where: Meet upstairs @ Eaton Centre Dundas St entrance
Time: 3 PM
Cost: Regular fare

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