These Seattle bail funds need your donations

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Hey, Seattle, we’re sure you know the city is in full protest mode over police brutality and the treatment of black people in America. And as protesters continue to go out day after day, it means more and more people are getting arrested. So that means that multiple bail funds in Seattle need your help.

Currently, the two main bail funds are the Northwest Community Bail Fund and The BLM Seattle Freedom Fund. Both of these organizations work to help get people out of jail and to abolish the cash bail system.

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And their work is incredibly important because black people and people of color will be disproportionately arrested and held on bail as these protests continue. And cash bail is an extremely inhumane system that limits the freedom of people without financial privilege. Not to mention, it helps perpetuate cycles of oppression.

So we highly recommend that you donate what you can to both of these bail funds in Seattle. Because these protests will not stop anytime soon and this is just one of many ways to show your support and allyship with Seattle’s black community.

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