Looking to have a unique experience out on the town? Why not check out some of the hidden bars and speakeasies tucked away in Seattle? It turns out there are quite a few and they’re waiting for you. Get ready to have a night you won’t soon forget!

Needle & Thread


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Inside Tavern Law is a prohibition-style speakeasy. You won’t find a menu here, rather the staff will ask you what you enjoy and craft a custom cocktail, a drink you’ll only get to experience once. Keep in mind reservations are required.

Where: 1406 12th Ave
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 5 PM-12 AM

Bathtub Gin & Co.


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A bar tucked away in the basement of an old hotel? If it were anywhere but Bathtub Gin & Co we might be a little sketched out. It’s a prohibition-style cocktail bar with liquors from around the world

Where: 2205 2nd Ave #310
Hours: Daily 5 PM-2 AM

Knee High Stocking Co.

Knee-High is a speakeasy-themed, craft cocktail bar that also serves up Filipino eats. So if you’re looking for something that deviates a bit from the classic speakeasy bar, this might just be for you.

Where: 1356 E Olive Way
Hours: Wednesday 6 PM-12 AM, Thursday 6 PM-11 PM, Friday & Saturday 6 PM-12 AM

Foreign National


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Foreign National is a cocktail and drinking snacks destination created by the Stateside Team. It’s directly next door and has a dark and intimate environment perfect for enjoying a drink or two.

Where: 300 E Pike St
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 6 PM-12 AM

The Founders Club

Definitely the newest spot on the list, The Founders Club is an “intimate spirit drinker’s enclave.” It’s inspired by 1920s speakeasy culture which you’ll find reflected in the space’s decor and secret nature. Psst by the way you have to go through a bookcase to get to this one.

Where: 411 University St
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 5 PM-12 AM

Phởcific Standard Time

Phởcific Standard Time is a speakeasy-style cocktail bar located above Pho Bac serving up drinks with Vietnamese ingredients. Beyond tasty drinks in an intimate environment you can also snag a few light eats.

Where: 1923 7th Ave
Hours: Wednesday 5 PM-11 PM, Thursday 5 PM-11:30 PM, Friday & Saturday 5 PM-12 AM

Enjoy Seattle!