Seattle weather is giving us some showers this weekend

Photo via shutterstock.comPhoto via The Weather Network

Ok, Seattle we’re honestly starting to think that Seattle weather has something against the weekend. Because the past few weekends have been gloomy while the weeks have been full of sun. And this weekend is going to be another gloomy weekend.

But how could that be? The weather has been so nice all week. Don’t worry, it confuses us too. But luckily you can still expect lots of sun on Friday with temperatures just under 80. So you know that’ll be your day to soak up some rays.

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seattle weather

But then on Saturday and Sunday, we’re back to light rain with temperatures in the mid-60s. And honestly, it could be worse. But you know sometimes we just want to enjoy the sun on our days off. Clearly Seattle weather has other plans.

So if you want to see the weather from the official people, be sure to click here. And either way, we hope you have a great weekend despite Seattle weather hating the weekend. But we guess water is good for the plants so we’ll try to keep it positive.

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