Play eSports and classic Atari games at Seattle’s newest hotel

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Seattle is about to get just a little cooler thanks to Atari. No, we’re not getting a game about Seattle, we’re getting an Atari hotel! Although, now that we think about it, a Seattle Atari game would be pretty cool. Anyways, let’s get into the deets.

So basically, a licensing agreement has been signed between Atari and True North Studio, a US real estate developer. TNS is planing to develop Atari branded hotels in 8 US cities. Who knows, you could start doing rounds to all the Atari hotels if this becomes your thing. Little tour de Atari.

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TNS is known for its innovative real estate development and has planned to carry out the Atari branding by centering the hotels around the video game universe. This means the hotel will include a state of the art eSport studio and an Atari gaming playground amongst other top-notch hospitality amenities. We can definitely get behind that.

The Atari hotels welcome everyone, so it doesn’t matter if you’re going for fun, for work, or with family. You might as well bring everyone!

Before you get too excited, Phoenix will have the first hotel to break ground, but we really hope Seattle is coming in second. We mean, we are a pretty dang techy city, they have to give us that much. If you want to see more and get updates on the hotel’s progress, click here.

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