Binge Alert: Netflix just announced that it’s getting Seinfeld

Photo via @seinfeldtv Instagram

Holy moly, Seinfeld is coming to Netflix and we could not be more jacked up about it. In fact, we’re going to have a contest with our friends to see who can last the longest without watching an episode while we wait for its 2021 arrival on the streaming service.

On the plus side, we can fill our time with a few different activities. We’ve always wanted to become a marine biologist, and one of our bosses has a mole that we should probably check out. Plus, we think that we might actually get smarter if Seinfeld isn’t on our minds. Heck, we’re already doing better at Jeopardy!

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The hardest part, in our opinion, will be choosing where to eat while in this mental state. Sure, there’s a great soup place down the street from the office, but the owner can be a little mean. We could get some fantastic chicken, but we promised a friend we wouldn’t. And, we are kind of feeling that Pakistani spot in the neighborhood, but we haven’t seen the owner around lately…

You know what, we think that Chinese food is the right call. That way, we won’t have to worry about getting to the movies on time later on tonight. In and out, 20 minutes max.

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