Ontario is full of hidden gems, and beautiful villages. And when you add winter and snow to the mix, you sometimes get lovely towns that are featured in some of your favourite holiday Hallmark & Christmas films. One of these villages is Pakenham, Ontario.

Established back in 1823 as a postal station, the village was named after Sir Edward Michael Pakenham, a brother-in-law to the Duke of Wellington, according to the Municipality of Mississippi Mills.

At the time, they said that the village “was predominately reliant on both the farming and timber-trade for industry.”

But you may have heard of Pakenham due to its landmark,  the Five Span Bridge, which is the only bridge of its kind in North America.

The village also has an 1840s General Store & Bakery, which is described as “Canada’s oldest general store to have operated continuously on its original site, in its original stone building.”

Another reason this village is known for is Mount Pakenham, which has stunning vistas and a ski hill.

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In the fall and winter, Pakenham’s famous Cedar Hill Christmas Tree Farm becomes a lively holiday spot. In fact, according to Ottawa Tourism, the farm has been featured in several holiday movies.

It has shown up in The Rooftop Christmas Tree, Christmas Festival of IceChristmas Scavenger Hunt and A Cheerful Christmas.

The Farm is open for the season, and the “Cut Your Own Christmas Tree” sale starts on November 18th.

Besides the Hallmark movies, back in 2020, the Mel Gibson movie The Fatman was filmed in several Pakenham spots, including Mount Pakenham, Ski Hill Road, Carbine Road and the historic Pakenham Five Span Bridge.

If you’re looking to visit Pakenham, it is in the Mississippi Mills area, “Ottawa’s next-door neighbour.”

The Municipality of Mississippi Mills is made up of the former Townships of Ramsay and Pakenham and the Town of Almonte.