We love hidden gems in Ontario, especially historic ones. And this bridge is certainly one of those gems. Located near Ottawa, the Municipality of Mississippi Mills is home to the Pakenham Historic Five Span Bridge.

According to the municipality, the “5 Span Bridge was originally built in 1903 by Scottish Stone Masons (O’Toole & Keating of Ottawa) over the Mississippi River and rapids in Pakenham, and it was created with stones that came from a local quarry.”

Not only is it historic, but it is also known to be a one of a kind bridge in North America, and also “believed to be the only one of its kind in the world outside of Russia,” they state.

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Image via Karen Hogan/Shuttertsock

Back when it was originally built, it was mostly for horses and carriages, and that led to the bridge’s stability to be compromised once cars rolled around. So, as per the municipality, the bridge was restored in 1984. “The stones were carefully removed and identified before being reinstated into their original position over the reinforced concrete structure used to strengthen the bridge for modern day use,” they state.

The Municipality of Mississippi Mills is made up of the former Townships of Ramsay and Pakenham and the Town of Almonte, which were amalgamated in January of 1998. It is also home to antiques, museums, and theatres, so if you’re looking for a new spot to visit this fall, be sure to check it out!