It’s official! Ontario residents will soon be able to purchase select alcohol and more at grocery stores, convenience stores and big-box locations in the province. Here’s what to know.

In a phased rollout, the Ontario government will allow beer, cider, wine and ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages to be sold in grocery stores starting this August.

“We are delivering on our commitment to give consumers in Ontario the choice and convenience every other Canadian enjoys and we’re doing so even sooner than we had originally promised,” said Premier Doug Ford.

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“In the coming weeks and months, people in Ontario, like many Canadians across the country, will have the option to responsibly and conveniently purchase a case of beer or a bottle of wine on their way up to the cottage or to a summer barbecue, all while having even more opportunity to support local Ontario breweries and wineries.”

According to the province, after September 5, 2024, all eligible convenience stores can also hop on this opportunity to sell beer, cider, wine and ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages.

The next rollout will be around the end of October 2024. That’s when ALL convenience, grocery store and big-box store in Ontario will be allowed to sell beer, cider, wine and ready-to-drink alcoholic drinks if they want.

“Through this phased rollout, the government is creating the conditions for a more open and convenient alcohol beverage marketplace,” shares the government.

“Over time, this new, more open marketplace will introduce up to 8,500 new stores where consumers can purchase these products, the largest expansion of consumer choice and convenience since the end of prohibition almost 100 years ago.”

But of course, you’ll still be able to find all your go-to choices at The Beer Store and LCBO.

You’ll only be able to find liquors like vodka, gin and whisky at the LCBO.

Looks like buying alcohol in Ontario is about to be much more convenient.