Life really felt like it was back to normal in the city at the Toronto Raptors vs. Houston Rockets pre-season game on Monday night. Drake was back in his courtside seat, beaming with pride after every point and greeting the players like he was part of the team.

The rapper also took the broadcasters’ mic as he occasionally does to share a few words with the audience, and it seems that he was feeling especially sentimental, given that it was the first real home game he’s been to in nearly two years.

Drake revealed to the audience that Kawhi Leonard, the one beloved Raptor who got away, still has feelings for the city and misses the fans.

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“One thing about Kawhi that I can tell the people is that whenever I see him, he expresses the utmost gratitude and always says how much he misses the fans in the city,” Drake said. “That’s my guy, and he is really grateful for his time here. We definitely miss him for sure.”

Things ended on a bittersweet note between Kawhi and Raptors fans, who were disappointed to see him go but grateful for his impact during the team’s championship season. It’s safe to say that for most of us, the feelings he has are most definitely mutual.

“Everything is feeling great, looking great, so great to be around people again, see all these faces,” Drake said at Monday’s game. “I’m feeling high spirits, boys,” he said to Matt Devlin and Jack Armstrong. We couldn’t agree more.

The Raptors took the W with a final score of 107-92, led by Precious Achiuwa and OG Anunoby who scored 17 points each. Malachi Flynn had fans out of their seats after an impressive half-court shot in the third quarter. With the first game of the season just 8 days away, the boys look like they’re ready and raring to go.