Ahh, remember the good old day of the 2019 NBA season? Back when Toronto was at the top and the Raptors became the first team outside of the USA to win the NBA Championship? When people flooded the streets and celebrated and all was good in the world? We miss those days. Especially now that the NBA has been postposed indefinitely thanks to COVID-19 concerns.

But we can still reminisce. And wanna know one of the best things we’ve discovered in our nostalgic daydreaming? It turns out that the World Press Photo Foundation has just named a legendary picture of Kawhi Leonard as the best sports photo of 2019. It’s an incredibly prestigious award and we’re super proud that the picture is of a time when Toronto was doing so well.

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Now the photo is not from the NBA finals, but it is from an equally memorable NBA moment. It’s of the buzzer-beating shot that Leonard made during Game 7 against the Philadelphia 76ers in the Eastern Conference Finals. We all remember being on the edge of our seats as this moment went down. The ball hit the rim of the basket just as the buzzer went off, bounced four times while we held our breath, then dropped. It instantly became one of the most iconic shots in NBA history.

Of course, we’ve gotta say hats off to the photographer Mark Blinch. The fact that someone got such a quality photo during the iconic moment is pretty impressive. So kudos to them for that!

So if you want to check out the prize-winning picture in all its glory, just head on over to the World Press Foundation’s website. While you’re there you can browse tons of other shots that made 2019 memorable. Stay healthy people!