Holy Schitt! We may have found the perfect option for you to gather around during your next games night. The latest concept to get a Monopoly makeover is none other than the hit series Schitt’s Creek. And we have to admit- they really nailed the concept.

A recent post from the official Schitt’s Creek Twitter account shared all the details, including some looks at the board! And in addition to some hilariously custom tokens, there are also a ton of references to the show, from the obscure to the most notable.

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So, while you can aim to own the Rosebud Motel or Rose Apothecary, chances are high you’ll need to get your hands on the Rose family car, Bob’s Cabin, or even the Blouse Barn (hopefully after David has worked there) to get them. After all, you can’t just be waiting for ‘Hello You’ and ‘Love That Journey For Me’ (the versions of Chance and Community Chest) to give you them. It’s not what Johnny would want!

The new Schitt’s Creek version of Monopoly has already landed it the states, and should be arriving in Canada shortly! Keep tabs via social media, folks, because you won’t want to miss this!