As regions across BC deal with ongoing ‘atmospheric rivers’, others are seeing some weirder weather as a result. Yesterday, the Okanagan region in BC saw some very warm temperatures, and one spot came close to breaking the all-time heat record in Canada for December. What a way to kick off the month!

Penticton, in particular, reached a mind-boggling 22.1° Celsius on Wednesday, December 1st. Not only is that close to double the old record for the day (which was 11.2° C in 2012), but it was a mere 0.4° away from the all-time record. That almost 40-year-old record was set in Hamilton, Ontario, on December 3rd, 1982.

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While temperatures have since subsided (relatively speaking) it would have been a crazy one-two since the town of Lytton saw the highest temperature ever recorded in Canada earlier this year. It’s been a crazy year of weather for the province, to say the absolute least.

And of course, high temperatures are just one side of the coin, as the ongoing storms have brought flooding, mudslides, and road closures to a number of BC highways, severely affecting travel in the province. Additionally, the more severe events have led to entire communities issuing evacuation notices on an ongoing basis.

Hopefully, the latest atmospheric river will be the last of them, and the province can start to rebuild the regions that have been affected.