We’re sure that the news of the widespread flooding and mudslides in the province has left a lot of us with a pit in our stomachs. And, if you’re looking for ways to help out, the Canadian Red Cross is taking donations to help those affected by the flooding and extreme weather.

The Red Cross is taking one-time as well as monthly donations to help the many British Columbians whose livelihoods, homes, and lives have been impacted by the flooding and other extreme weather. And the Red Cross is one of the biggest and best humanitarian organizations in the world, so know they know how to help.

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And, any amount helps. Even just a few dollars allows The Red Cross to provide the relief that is needed for our neighbours. The funds raised are going to go to providing relief, recovery, resiliency, and risk reduction work across the region. Basically, the money raised is going to allow The Red Cross to help those in need.

And don’t worry, because that’s not the only way to help those affected by the flood. We’ve put together a great list of resources, organizations and charities that are seeking donations to help these people out.

And, as we said, every bit helps. Plus, if you donate, you get to know you’re helping out your fellow humans. Is there anything more rewarding than that?