We might be entering a period of rainy weather in Vancouver, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still enjoy some cherry blossoms before the season wraps. In fact, this interactive map reveals that there’s still time to enjoy clusters of trees as they transition from pink to green. So grab your raincoats – because time is of the essence!

Between Wednesday, April 24th and the end of the month, check out these neighbourhoods across Metro Vancouver:

  • 18th Street, from Main to Fraser
  • Prince Edward Park (and from East 21st to 23rd)
  • 225 Osborne Avenue, Burnaby (whole block)
  • 22 New Royal Avenue, Burnaby (at The Lookout on Victoria Hill)
  • Champlaign Heights School Annex, south of Langford
  • West 59th to West 70th
  • Douglas Park
  • Both sides of Minto Crescent from Granville to Hudson Street
  • 11th Street, from Fraser to Guelph
  • East 10th from Glen to St Catherine’s
  • 2592 East 28th: Double row of trees on 28th Avenue at Penticton Street

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last cherry blossoms vancouver 2024
Photo via Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

So there you have it, cherry blossom lovers!

Until next year!!