Well, folks, it’s certainly been a week for BC and the west coast as a whole. From folks making DIY AC units to bears swimming in pools, everyone is feeling the heat. But one town in BC actually broke Canada’s all-time temperature record three days in a row. Yikes!

The town is Lytton, it’s located in the Fraser Canyon which is about 260 kilometers northeast of Vancouver. Wanna know just how hot things got? Well on Sunday temps hit 46.6 C, then 47.9 C on Monday, and a jaw-dropping 49.6 C on Tuesday. To put things in perspective, before this, the highest recorded Canadian temperature was 45 C in Saskatchewan in 1937.

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It’s not exactly a record that any town wants to be known for but it’s happening as the heat dome moves from metro Vancouver inland. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Lytton as those temperatures are just unbearable. Hopefully, things start to cool down another few days of those temperatures will probably prove to be deadly.

With that, let this be a reminder to stay hydrated and cool if you can. Also, be sure to check in on friends and family and see if you can help them in any way. None of us are built or meant to withstand temperatures like this. If you’d like to learn more you can click here.