If you love immersive art exhibits, tune in. SMECCEA is a 3D artist and Digital Florist based in Vancouver, and her work is currently being showcased at Las Vegas’ world-first immersive destination and new city landmark – AKA The Sphere.

Since July of 2023, The Sphere has been projecting art onto its ‘Exposphere’ as part of its XO/Art Showcase, capturing international attention with impactful visuals dancing across the largest LED screen on Earth – which consists of over 1 million LED pucks.

Entitled “Coral Mirage,” SMECCEA’s piece brings together art and technology to explore “fall floral motifs” and “sky reflections,” blurring the line between fantasy and reality.

Known for her stunning landscapes and visually enchanting characters, SMECCEA has worked with everyone from Adobe and Apple to SZA and Khalid. Now, Las Vegas residents and visitors from across the globe can take in her artwork at the city’s newest cultural landmark.

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In addition to its ‘Exosphere,’ the venue hosts original Sphere Experiences from leading Hollywood directors, big-name concerts, and residencies from the world’s biggest artists.

Interested in checking it out? It might be worth a splurge on a ticket to Vegas to see it for yourself… or you can check the social account too.

Otherwise, gushing over the visuals online will do just fine.