One of Vancouver’s most notorious haunted homes is back on the market with a new lease on life on the horizon. 4118 Cambie Street (and the neighboring 4138 property) has been rezoned as a six-story rental building as of March 2021. But will a potential new owner be able to look past the home’s spooky reputation? Let’s take a look.

So where did the home’s haunted reputation come from? A blog post dating back to 2011 by Michael Kwan states that there was either an “ancient burial ground or there was a man who murdered his elderly mother there.” The “proof” for the home’s haunted nature comes from past owners who experienced “luggage being left out on the lawn, baby cribs pushed precariously to the edge of windows, shadowy footsteps walking up the exterior walls, families sleeping only to wake up on the lawn, and more.”

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Photo via Google Maps

Also from that same blog post, Kwan states that “I hear that Buddhist monks live there and the house is “clean” of spirits”. Now this assortment of tales has landed the home the reputation of being Vancouver’s ‘most haunted house’. At this point, that reputation may be debatable but it has certainly stuck as the home has changed hands throughout the years.

According to the Georgia Straight, the home and its accompanying lot were bought by Pennyfarthing Properties Grayson North Ltd for $12 million from Canada Shin Yat Tong Moral Society in 2017 and 2018. Now the haunted home and 4138 Cambie Street are for sale with an asking price of $26 million (a 60.9% gross profit for developers).

Clearly, developers aren’t too worried that a new buyer will be spooked by the home’s past. After all, the lot is a prime piece of Vancouver real estate and with its fresh rezoning, an even hotter commodity. Now, what happens when a haunted house gets torn down? That we will have to wait and see. Until then you can click here to learn more.