First, there was the McBarge and now there’s ‘Barge Chilling Park’. Don’t worry, it’s not a brand new park, rather it’s the nickname of Vancouver’s Sunset Beach thanks to the barge that’s been stranded there since mid-November. And in order to make light of a rather odd situation, Vancouverites have been giving it hilarious reviews on both TripAdvisor and Google.

For a little context, the barge got stranded during November’s massive storm, and an attempt to remove it in November was unsuccessful. Now instead of this being a nuisance, Vancouverites have accepted it as yet another unique landmark. As of today, Monday, December 6th, the park has a 4.7-star rating on Google Reviews.

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Ratings range from positive and enthusiastic statements like this 5-star review:

“I really hope to visit this 8th wonder of the world before its relocated. I heard Noah, the owner is very nice, and keeps a zoo on the aft. Also judging from reviews the food might be basic yet testy. I’ve been to many floating and shore attractions in the past, this one is on top of my list to visit.”

To this 1 star review:

“Really? I mean, just, really?…”

By the way, the “owner” of the barge responded, “Yes, really.”

When it comes to TripAdvisor, the barge has made it to #131 of 405 things to do in Vancouver and maintains a 4.5-star rating. Some of the reviews range from 5-stars like this:

“There are few treasures in our country’s history that are so profound yet humble.

If we glued Margaret Atwood and Drake to the top of the CN Tower using maple syrup I’m afraid that would be only as fractionally moving or unquestionably Canadian as this wonder.”

To a 1 star like this:

“Terrible service. Waited for 20 mins and nobody came to take our order or ask if we needed help. Great location and stunning views of Sunset Beach. Can’t understand how they managed to get a lease so easily!”

If you’re in need of a laugh today we highly recommend checking out the reviews by typing “barge chilling park Vancouver ” into Google and here. Of course, you should also check out the barge for yourself and throw in your own witty review because who knows how long this new local icon will stick around.