World-famous Vancouver photographer Fred Herzog has passed away

Photo via @fredherzogphotography InstagramPhoto via @fredherzogphotography InstagramPhoto via @fredherzogphotography InstagramPhoto via @fredherzogphotography Instagram

Fred Herzog, arguably the most important photographer to come out of Vancouver, has passed away at age 88. CBC has confirmed that he died on September 9. Why should we cover this? Well, his photography was, to put it simply, revolutionary for the medium.

fred herzog

Fred Herzog first started documenting Vancouver in blazing colour during the 1950s. With a focus on authentic street photography, he captured a vibrant and rapidly evolving city for decades. It what so good, in fact, that we used his photos for our look at Vancouver 60 years ago.

fred herzog

Largely unknown for most of his career, he was thrust into the limelight in 2007 when the Vancouver Art Gallery held a retrospective of his work. People were shocked to see Vancouver through his lens, and rightfully so… his photographs exude a quality that is consistent with some of the best modern street photographers around the world.

fred herzog

If you’d like to see Fred Herzog’s work, you can do so at the Equinox Gallery. Additionally, he has got a fantastic photo book that is available to purchase (even on Amazon). We highly recommend that you check it out.

Rest in peace Mr. Herzog. Your work will endure as your incomparable contribution to this city.

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