Trudeau says “we need to do better” when it comes to racism in Canada


In his Monday morning press conference, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commented on the ongoing state of affairs in America and right here in Canada. And according to him, we need to do better when it comes to racial issues in Canada, even as we take steps forward.

So, now we’re going to talk about the nature of social movements, which is a first. Basically, Trudeau was asked what he thought about the looting that occurred in Montreal over the weekend. While he (rightfully) condemned the actions of a few, he vehemently defended Canadians’ right to peaceful protest.

And that’s because Trudeau understands that the actions of a radical subgroup do not erase the importance of the main message. In this case, it’s the recognition of racial injustices in both Canada and America, and the commitment to taking steps to fix them. Sadly, Canada is no stranger to racial problems, past and present.

Just to drive this point home, here’s a stat- in 2018, there were 780 hate crimes motivated by race or ethnicity (Stats Canada). And like any other hate crime, the number should really be zero. Thankfully, the government of Canada started a new Anti-Racist Action Program last year.

This is a tough one to unpack, and we don’t have all the answers. If you’d like to learn more, we recommend starting with this government report on racism in Canada.