The stunning UBC Botanical Garden reopens this week!

Photo via UBC Botanical Garden

Looks like summer just got a little more garden-y. The UBC Botanical Gardens are opening up again on Friday July 3, and advanced bookings have opened up.

The garden, which has plants from all over the world, will be selling 30 minute spots for you to enjoy the plant life. They recommend booking 90 minutes so you can see every single leaf, stem and apical bud. This is also on top of the many new social distancing protocols that they’ve put in place.

Whether you’re a cactus kid, succulent stan or rainforest reply-guy, the garden has every plant you could ask for. Check out the Alpine Garden for mountainous plants, or the David C. Lam Asian Garden for a wonderful combo of native and Asian plants.

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Tickets are anywhere from $5 to $10 depending on your age, with kids under 6, Indigenous peoples and UBC students all getting free entry. You can also get a family ticket for $24 if you’re bringing along the ol’ ball and chain and the rugrats. This is also the Greenheart TreeWalk tour which explores the treetop canopy, which you can also buy tickets for.

If plants and gardens are your thing, get your tickets here.