The latest BC state of emergency marks 6 months of the measure

Photo via Sergei Bachlakov /

Well, darn close to 6 months, and the extension of the state of emergency in the province yesterday guaranteed that it would happen. Yesterday’s extension marked the 14th consecutive one, making this the longest state of emergency in the history of the province.

But, we’re thinking about how the original declaration was made way, way back on March 18th. So, not six months exactly, but we’re knocking on the door. Maybe we’ll celebrate by eating an absolute boatload of takeout and watching some Netflix shows. Yeah, that seems like a reasonable way to do it.

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The state of emergency basically allows the government to streamline new decisions and rules. This could range from back to school plans to limitations placed on restaurants and bars. It’s kind of a catch-all situation, which is necessary given the unprecedented nature of the pandemic.

You can learn more about the state of emergency in BC by clicking this link. Enjoy the day, folks!