Sea to Sky Gondola just released their plans for a comeback

Photo via @seatoskygondola Instagram

Following one of the craziest acts of vandalism we have ever heard of, the Sea to Sky Gondola has released an update about when they expect to get back up and running. Unfortunately, it’s looking like it will take until next spring for them to be fully functional.

In case you somehow missed it, one of the cables on the gondola was allegedly cut in the early morning of Saturday, August 10. Because of this, all of the gondola cars were damaged and the lift became inoperable. According to Sea to Sky, the damages have reached the millions.

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The RCMP has since opened a criminal investigation into the incident. We like to hear this- what kind of bozo decides that it’s a good idea to cut a gondola cable? Come on, that just doesn’t make any sense, even from an activism standpoint.

Anyway, Sea to Sky now has to get 30 new cabins, plus a new haul rope, and install everything. The cleanup phase has started, and the timeline is largely dependent on receiving replacements from Europe.

Fingers crossed that everything goes to plan and the gondola is up and running as soon as possible. You can read the full release here.

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