Reminder! There are now 45,000 summer jobs available in Canada

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During his Wednesday morning press conference, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reminded young adults across Canada that there are a ton of summer jobs available. Like, 45000 summer jobs, give or take. That’s nothing to shake a stick at, and some of them are actually pretty cool!

The massive influx of summer jobs is part of an ongoing effort to help out the Canadian economy. Basically, the federal government is streamlining job postings, and offering incentives like the wage subsidy to encourage businesses to hire people.

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We did a quick browse of the jobs website, and we like what we’re seeing. In about 5 minutes, we found jobs ranging from working in a plant nursery to social work to graphic design. Basically, there’s probably a job related to either what you’re good at or interested in.

Which we like to see! If you’re thinking that a summer job (or even a full-time one) is a good idea, then check out the Canada Job Bank website.

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