Nordstrom pledges to go fur-free across North America by end of 2021

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Today, both Nordstrom and Nordstrom Canada pledged to go completely fur-free by the end of 2021. In a press release, the luxury retailer announced that they will be ‘fully eliminating this merchandise’. Let’s see exactly what that means.

Nordstrom has been working with The Humane Society to figure out how to approach the situation. And basically, they decided that a blanket decision is the best way forward. So, no more furs of any kind, or the use of any exotic animal skins (like alligator or snake).

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On the other hand, a few things will be staying at Nordstrom. Leather is a big example, but also the use of natural feathers (so long as no live-plucking is involved). Honestly, we’re wondering how this is going to affect their relationship with Canada Goose, which uses coyote fur for hood liners. But hey, shoutout to Nordstrom for making the stand.

If you’d like to learn more about the decision, just click here for the full press release. Besides, faux furs are getting crazy good these days, anyway.