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Guide: 6 of Vancouver’s most stunning flower walks & gardens

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We’re at the height of summer, folks. You know what that means- it’s time to stop and smell the roses. And you can do that in style at Vancouver’s best gardens! Grab a friend, or maybe even a date (you lucky dog) and get down to one of these beautiful gardens around the city.

Here are 6 of Vancouver’s best gardens to check out.

Nitobe Memorial Garden

nitobe garden

A pretty good mark of authenticity is having Emperor Akihito of Japan say “I am in Japan” when he visits. And, that’s exactly what went down here. Located at UBC, this Japanese Tea and Stroll garden is one of the best outside of Japan and includes a tea garden along with a ceremonial Tea House.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

sun yat sen

This is the first full-scale Chinese garden built outside of China, so right there you’re off to a great cultural date. Most of the architectural elements have been imported from China directly, while the plants were sourced locally. Located in the heart of Chinatown, this is one that’s as culturally significant as it is beautiful.

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Bloedel Conservatory

bloedel vancouver

Located in Queen Elizabeth Park and the highest point in the city of Vancouver, Bloedel Conservatory is an indoor tropical paradise. Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the conservatory is home to more than 120 exotic birds and 500 exotic plants. Who doesn’t love cute birds?

Van Dusen Botanical Garden

van dusen gardens

Associated with Bloedel is the Van Dusen Botanical Garden. Although there are no cool birds here, it’s still got a lot to offer. There are 55 acres to explore, and plants from all over the world. There’s also a maze, which works great for making a joke about getting lost in your date’s eyes (you’re welcome).

The Stanley Park Gardens

vancouver's best gardens

There are actually 3 different free gardens that you can access around Stanley Park. The first is the Rhododendron Garden (easily the most intimidating flower name). There’s also a Rose Garden for those who like the classics. Speaking of classics, the Shakespeare Garden has got a bunch of neat trees. Yay!

Queen Elizabeth Quarry Gardens

vancouver's best gardens

Another great free garden experience, the Quarry Gardens are smack dab in the middle of Queen Elizabeth. Maybe swing by before or after your trip to Bloedel, and heck, why not bring a picnic while you’re at it! Now that’s taking advantage of summer.

And there you have it! Our guide to Vancouver’s best gardens to check out this summer. As we said at the start, now’s the time to stop and smell the roses, folks.

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