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Give the gift of flight with this state of the art Vancouver experience

Via FlyOver Canada

Who’s ready for takeoff? Fly high in the sky with FlyOver Canada. That’s right, Vancouver, we are not kidding! FlyOver Canada will give you the feeling of flight and it truly is an unforgettable experience. Maybe you have flight fright and don’t like airplanes or haven’t had the chance to travel. This is your opportunity to see all of Canada from east to west. From glistening mountain peaks to lush valleys and our marvelous prairies, you really get to see, smell, hear and feel it all!

flyover canada

This holiday season, FlyOver Canada is giving you the chance to Soar with Santa. Ever dream of going to the North Pole and taking a ride in Santa’s sleigh? You’re lying if this isn’t at the top of your bucket list. Soar with Santa on this magical, Christmas experience across Canada and the North Pole from now until January 5! The experience won’t be one to forget. Bring back those childhood memories, meet some elves and get ready to take flight, friends.

flyover canada

flyover canada

If this isn’t enough to get you in the holly jolly spirit, the complete Fly Over Canada Christmas experience also includes a Winter Wonderland themed pre-show! Wander around while staying warm inside the indoor Winter Wonderland. You can even meet Santa before the ride and get a family pic to capture the memorable experience.


After meeting two of Santa’s elves, Chestnut and Pinecone, you’ll join them as they get ready to take flight and look for their fellow elves on the journey. You may even get a sneak peek of Santa’s Workshop as you soar over the North Pole. Soar through the air, with the greatest of ease, and feel the wind rush through your hair. Across Canada from east to west, this thrilling 8-minute ride will be sure to get you into the full Christmas spirit!


Where: 201, 999 Canada Place

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