Every single public park in Vancouver is getting ranked on Twitter right now

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The same person who brought you Vancouver’s most iconic buildings now set his sights upon Vancouver’s best municipal parks.

Justin McElroy, a journalist for the CBC, has set his unique skill in systematically ranking British Columbia esoterica onto finding out what are the best parks in Vancouver. For the last 2 months, McElroy has been going neighbourhood by neighbourhood, ranking each park. This process is on-going so who knows what green space will be crowned Vancouver’s best park and why.

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The best thing we can do is sit back and enjoy the Vancouver content. And we’re not the only ones who noticed this. Vancouver’s own Seth Rogen popped into McElroy’s Arbutus Ridge ranking to say that Ravine Park should be placed higher because it was the place he thought up many of his early films. Oh, and it’s also the place he first got high. A big deal for such a cannabis enthusiast like Rogen.

Tune into his Twitter every Friday to see what he thinks of your favourite parks in the city. Does it have the scenery that stands out? Is it fun enough for kids? All things will be considered in this comprehensive ranking.