Canada is ending CERB payments and expanding EI come fall

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Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the recent extension of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit will likely be the last one to happen. Instead, the government will look to expand EI benefits for more workers across Canada. So far, the CERB has provided roughly $62B in funding to 8.46 million Canadians.

The current CERB deadline is set for September 26th. However, the payment program is capped at six four-week-long instalments, so double check when you started receiving benefits if payments end sooner for you or anyone you know.

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And while the CERB is ending, Trudeau has announced that EI will be expanded to continue to help Canadians. The goal? Transition to an EI set up that includes all Canadians who have received the CERB, including gig and contract workers. Plus, more support will be provided to Canadians with dependents and other costs. According to Trudeau, this will not create extra premiums either.

But we’re going to make for more details to be released before we speculate any further. If you’d like to check out the full stats from the CERB in Canada so far, just click here!

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