Air Transat halts US and sun destination flights from Western Canada

Photo via Air Transat

The Canadian airline Air Transat has decided to cancel all flights out of Western Canada to the US and sun destinations for this fall, after an initial booking offer. The decision comes as COVID cases in America skyrocket, with no real indication of a slowdown in sight.

On the plus side, Air Transat will be offering cash refunds to those who booked flights. This is because there’s no timeframe for the resumption of services and no alternate routes available. For reference, that’s why those who booked domestic flights with pretty much every Canadian airline are getting radio silence about cashback.

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It’s no doubt been a tough year for airlines, which have seen massive falls in travel nationwide and around the globe. So while we understand that they’re rearing to get back to normal, it’s going to be a long road to walk. For example, Air Canada thinks it’ll take a few years minimum to get back to the baseline.

Well, for our own selfish-tourist sake, we hope that recovery comes quicker than that. If you booked with Air Transat recently, you can learn about travel precautions and services right here.

Have a great day, folks!

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