5 good news stories from around Canada to kick off your weekend

Photo via Kelly vanDellen /

Well, folks at the end of the week we can all use some good news. So we’re here to round up some of the best news from around Canada to help you end your week on a high note. Plus it’s always fun to see what’s happening across the country. So here are 5 good news stories from around Canada.

McDonald’s is going back to 100% Canadian Beef

Due to the pandemic, McDonald’s temporarily had to import their beef. But they are now able to return to using 100% Canadian raised beef. This is great because it supports our countries farmers and it means our supply chains are getting back on track.

A Canadian biotech company made antiviral clothes

The company Intelligent Fabric Technologies has created clothing that they say will kill 99.9% of coronavirus. And if that’s the case, we’re definitely going to be rocking some antiviral clothing this fall. So shout out to Intelligent Fabrics for working on this cool creation.

The Canada/U.S. Border closure was extended

We know this one is a bit iffy for some people. But due to the rapidly rising number of coronavirus cases in the US, it’s safest for us to keep the border closed. So here’s to another month of hopefully continuing to flatten the curve.

Eugene Levy won a major award

Since his days on SCTV, Eugene Levy has been a national treasure for Canada. And this week, he was recognized with a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to the world of TV and film. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the reaction video posted was absolutely adorable.

This Canadian traffic controller knows how to dance

And finally, if you need a smile we highly recommend watching this video of a Canadian traffic controller. Despite being outside in the hot sun and buggy weather, this BC teen busted a move for drivers. Saying he “just wants to put a smile on people’s faces”

And that’s our round-up of some great news stories from across Canada this week! We hope these stories bring a smile to your face. And we hope you have a great weekend!